Teach me the pace of the kingdom.


I know that urgency is real. The world is hurtling forward in pain, and if we have access to life and hope and healing - we should share. Right?

But I also know that rest is real and God is in control. We don’t have to strive and spin and figure it all out because He is holding us, and even those we’re attempting to love and serve - He loved them first!

I know that if I go my own natural pace, I’ll rush ahead in fervor and then collapse in exhaustion and even sometimes bitterness that I HAVE to serve. So I’ve got to learn the pace of the kingdom.

I first blurted that phrase out in a Bible Study a few weeks ago when we were sharing prayer requests. I want to, no - I need to learn the pace of the kingdom.

So here are just a few ways I’m trying to learn, listen, and grow this fall. In the midst of a very full book launch and a very fun and wild family life - here’s what’s helping.

  1. My friend Rebekah’s book Rhythms of Renewal is blessing me and teaching me and encouraging me. I can’t suggest it enough.

  2. I’m working on being more present and listening to what’s being said right where I’m at. Because the kingdom is here and now, and not only in the future.

  3. I’m counting the fruit. Gratitude slows me down in an alarmingly abundant way. When I stop to say, “Wow! Thank you, God!” - I’m so much less likely to skitter on to the next thing in denial of what good has taken place.

  4. I’m walking more. As a means of travel and exercise. It connects me with my city physically and spiritually as I pray for our people.

And that’s all folks!
Nothing profound or wild.

I just want to look back at fall 2019 and remember knowing God and seeing Him move. I don’t want to slow time down or speed it up - I just want to know… the pace of the kingdom.

Love you friends!


Jessi ConnollyComment