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Need a shower invitation? Wedding invitation? Canvas for your room? Calendar? Specialized Mug for your boss? Business card? Blog header? Button? Background?
I'll create a high-resolution .jpg for your design that you're free to use in any manner once you've paid for it.

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Here's how it works.
Email me at jessi@naptimediaries.com and explain your need. I may ask you a few questions about the design and once I've got a handle on it, there are two different ways to go:
a) MASSIVE PROJECTS. For big projects (wedding design, business branding, large events, blog overhaul), once you've paid for one hour - I'll send you a sample design picture with elements, fonts, colors and a general design direction I'd like to head. If you're on board - we'll make a game plan together of what all you need, when you need it by, & and how many hours I estimate it will take. Once you're satisfied with the entire project, I'll send you an invoice for the remaining design time and upon receiving payment - I will email you the finished documents.
b) SMALLER PROJECTS. For smaller projects (invitations, blog headers, personal logos, stationary), I request that you pay for one hour of design up-front. If your smaller project may likely take more than one hour of design time, I'll alert you upfront and you can pay the whole balance after the product is finished. If for any reason, projects are taking longer than anticipated - I'll alert you as we go so you're not shocked by the price at the end.

(additional terms of design)

* Payment: I accept payment through paypal only, unless otherwise agreed upon by you and I. By submitting payment, you're agreeing to these terms of design.
* Hourly rate: My hourly rate is $20/hr. If needed, I'll bill for half hours.
* Refunds: I would just cry my eyes out if you wanted a refund.
* Permissions: Once you've paid for it, use it how you want it! Blog it, print it, let your kids color it in line at the grocery store.
* Design credits: If you wanted to have a link to my blog SOMEWHERE on something, I wouldn't be mad at you. I won't force you to. I just won't do it.
* Cancellations: If you cancel your design mid-project, I will ask you to pay for hours of design already spent, but will release you from any overall project projections.
* Next in line: Once we've talked about design time, I'll let you know how quickly I can get to a project. My wait-list is public here and you can check back to see how I'm moving along. I'll take time sensitive projects into consideration and do my best to get everyone what they need when they need it!

* Keeping files: Once we've agreed your project is done and you've received all files, I will delete all of your documents and cannot make revisions. If I don't, my husband will yell at me about hard-drive space. Sorry.
* Printing: I'm open to arranging printing for you and even printing, assembly, and shipping. All extra duties will be subject to hourly rates as well.
* Questions? JUST ASK!

Hours of Design