Naptime Diaries

I had two little mini projects in my head as of late.
a) I wanted a new blog name/website. 
b) I wanted a creative outlet to piddle and play with & to possibly bless my family financially - saving for flights to see family, special dresses for sweet Glor, or the occasional new headband for myself. 

And, what came out of those two mini-projects? 

Naptime Diaries. 

Soon and very soon this little site will be up & running - 
holding a blog & some fun design things. 
Also, my etsy shop is in the works as well where I'll be selling custom blog headers & custom personalized logos and... anything else that tickles my fancy and can be done as my sweet babes nap. 

Here are a few things I've worked on so far! More to come! 

sample blog headers

baby logos. (can be put on stationary, onesies, 
announcements, & even wall decals) 

More questions???
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