Hilarious memory

So tonight I spent around 30 minutes laughing by myself at the following memory...

Spring break of my junior year, my ladies & I went to the sleepiest beach town possible in Florida. We spent the whole week laughing, eating, and being by ourselves and with the Lord. Every night, we would walk to dinner nearby and enjoy the company of all the elderly people in that town.

One night, we were walking back and preparing to board the elevator up to our condo. Half of the girls were taking the elevator but Mere & Steph were going up the stairs because Stephipoo has a terrifying fear of elevators, even though we were only staying two flights up. So as we rode up the elevator, I was explaining to the girls that in general, I'm not really afraid of anything.

{Sidebar: I am scared of EVERYTHING. The dark, spiders, having a heart attack when my arm falls asleep. I just am a very very very cautious person. And extremely jumpy. In fact, earlier in the spring break week - I had woken all the girls up because I was sure I was dying in the middle of the night since I'd taken too many laxatives and not drunk enough water. You get the picture.}

As the door to the elevator opened and I ended my summary with "Yup, there's nothing I can really think of that scares me...", Stephanie and Mere jumped out at me and said "boo!" in a very mild third-grade manner. Something about that made my skin crawl and my nerves rattle and I started screaming at the top of my lungs and running towards the condo door as if there was a mass murderer chasing me. Once I finally calmed down, we laughed for hours.

On another noted: We had a 'family-meeting' at Mosaic today where Naeem rolled out the vision for implementing the seek, save, send model. VERY interesting & enlightening.

On one more note: I'll admit it, I'm obsessed with Americas Funniest Videos.

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