More on dreams

So this morning, Nick and I had some fun Starbucks time with Elias and I got to think more on the dreams Nick asked me about. (see earlier post)

Here's a few more I came up with:
I want to be able to find joy in feeding Elias baby food and driving. I really hate both of those activities.

I want a chow-chow. (I've never had a dog, and I've never had an animal that lived more than a few weeks)

I want to be able to sincerly pray Hannah's prayer and trust that God will take care of those closest to me. Check out 1 Samuel.


So, this blog is highlighted by two things: a) the thought of a chow-chow. preeewwshus.
b) a word picture for you: You know you wanted to be there.
The scene: my tiny living room
Who: me, my sister, AnnaJaye (my beautiful neice) & Elias
What: dancing our hearts out to Imogen Heap, then The Killers, and finally AnnaJaye decided on 'One Way' by Hillsong United. Fun times had by all. I played one of Elias's chew tows like a tambourine.