Since I'm on a roll....

I'm making up for lost time and blogging my little heart out tonight but I wanted to share this:

These are the things I'm intensely excited about right now....
a) Jb's big birthday party this Friday. She really is a great part of our life and we can't wait to celebrate her.
b) picking Elias up tomorrow after work. Usually Nick and I argue over who has to complete this mundane task, because it's kind of trafficky & hard to do quickly. HOWEVER, I haven't seen Elias since like 1:30pm today and while I've enjoyed my anniversary baby-free, I'm aching for that sweet little face.
c) my new workout/over all fitness/wellness lifestyle. Before my wedding, I was so fitness & nutrition-wise and somehow in 2 years - I lost every tidbit of knowledge and most of my desire to have the hottest body on the block. BUT, since Kalle's been helping me and spurring me on, I'm very excited about just being healthy and growing my body into what it needs to be.
d) my job. I really take it for granted. It is perfect for me and it is VERY easy & it also makes me feel like I'm good at something in the outside world.

Okay. enough blogging for one night. I promise.