so... that was an experience

One of my favorite websites is and I always look there for fun baby advice & progress that Elias should be making. Tonight I ventured into strange waters. Somehow I stumbled on a C.section video and even though I didn't feel really excited about it, I knew I needed to watch it. Since I had to have a section with E, and probably will with subsequent children... I felt like it would be good to see what my body went through.

My first reaction was yuck. My second reaction was, thanks God, for giving someone the insight to do that. Without it, Elias may have had a broken collar bone or I may not have been able to have more babies. If you need to watch it - go here,

Also - on another baby development note: we realized Elias had some tricks up his sleeve that we didn't know about. Staci had to do a development test on a baby and of course, she naturally picked her favorite. One thing I had no clue about.... Elias knows how to put objects into container like objects. Stace had a wooden cube container and a ball and after she showed Elias how to do it, he was supposed to repeat after her. Instead each time she handed it to him for his turn... he threw the ball down and put his passy in. Cute.

On another note... I need a new fresh haircut. Any ideas? This is what I'm thinking... because we all know I look just like Jessica Simpson, just hotter.