A few things on the old heart

Item #1: After having a HORRIBLE day on Thursday (a long, funny, & embarrassing story that ends with me having a heated discussion with the Vice President of Showmars Inc.), Nick and I had dinner with some friends from Mosaic - Matt & Amy Cheek. The Cheeks aren't a couple we normally see a lot, but they invited us to dinner and we were really excited to except their invitation. They have two sweet girls and are (maybe, were) very pregnant with their first son. The whole time we were at dinner, Amy was having contractions (not braxton hicks) around ten minutes apart and she had just found out that morning that we was two centimeters dilated & her doctor didn't expect her to be pregnant through the weekend. So the craziest thing - she made & served dinner, sat through dinner, and sang with her girls like nothing was wrong - all while in early labor. She was totally calm, totally undramatic - and officially my new hero. We think/hope the new Cheek baby boy is here but we can't get in touch with Matt - if someone knows, let us in on news!

At the end of dinner, Matt & Amy walked us out and Matt said, "So the whole reason we had ya'll to dinner was just to say - don't let anyone look down on you or make you feel guilty for having children so close together and so young. Not many people have a good view of children or child-rearing - but you're doing the right thing." It was VERY encouraging.

On another note: we're learning how intentional we have to be with our date nights. Tonight, we rented The Bourne Identity just because we're dying to see the new Bourne #3, but we don't want to go unprepared so we're slowing making our way through the first two.

Lastly - it was sweet that everyone had something different to say about the last blog. It is so great to know such beautiful women - inside & out. I love knowing you and learning from you. I'll keep blogging despite my lack of knowledge & grace and I'd love to keep using the women (or men who read?) as a guide to become more like Christ.
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