So I always read alot of other people's blogs - but tonight I was captivated by the blog of Pastor Perry Noble. I started reading all of his HILARIOUS entries about his daughter before and after she was born. Seriously - for the last hour, I've been just reading quotes to Nick, so now I'll share them with you all. For reference - Perry is the pastor at NewSpring in South Carolina, his wife's name is Lucretia & his newborn daughter's name is Charisse.

'ACTUALLY…Lucretia and I have talked…she (Charisse) can date when she is 15…she just can’t brush her teeth, shave her legs, or use deodorant until she is 40!!! I think that is being fair!!!'

'A girl!!! I am so in trouble!!! I said her name today in a conversation and started to tear up!!! Oh my gosh…I’m doing it now–what in the heck is happening to me? Dear God, please don’t let me start listening to “Butterfly Kisses!!!” AHHHHHH!!'

'Well…there you go…wow, I am amazed at what I saw today. Lucretia and I walked out of the doctors office and prayed right in the lobby of the hospital…I prayed for her salvation, for us to be godly parents, for her to continue to be healthy.
When I finished prayed ‘Cretia said, “You didn’t pray for her future husband.” I said, “EXACTLY!!!”'

So all of these girl-baby quotes are extra pertinent because I have to say - I'm ready to put my vote in. I'm almost positive this baby is girl after today. My biggest clue is - My body is like a completely different life form compared to my last pregnancy. Before I even took a pregnancy test, I had to buy maternity pants when I was pregnant with Elias. Right now, my body is definitely growing - but I can wear every single pair of normal pants, I just have this massive pouch above my top button.

If you touch like 6 inches below my chest - I'm rock hard like I have Kalle abs or something, but really - it's all baby. ALSO - I had the greatest manicure/pedicure today that my friend Lauren gave me for my birthday & I had the greatest girl pampering me! Her name was Holly & she's positive this is a girl - so we'll see. Lord knows I've been wrong about plenty in this life.

Either way - this next baby WILL be wearing baby leg warmers. I always wanted to buy these for Elias but didn't want to de-man him.