I should have been a soap opera star.

So - this morning Elias slept until 8:15 and even then we had to wake him up. I thought this was the day I've been waiting for since he was born, but I have to say - the 12 hour sleep actually depresses me. I had a little breakdown picking him up from daycare today - I even went so far as to cry in front of one of the daycare workers. I'm having a rough week... I think I just forgot about how easily the tears flow when you're pregnant. I walked into work on Wednesday and flopped myself on a $4,000 sofa crying like Greenlea from One Life to Live. Pray for me - for my tearducts, for my husband, and for all those who are forced to come in contact with me over the next few weeks.
While we're asking for prayers - would ya'll lift one up for this house? When we put it on the market, our realtor said he thought we'd have an offer before we got back from out of town that weekend. That was July 12th. So - we're only going on 2.75 months, but we need to make some decisions. And Elias needs some space - it's hard to get frustrated with him when he won't stay on his 4 foot square blanket with his total of 5 toys... that would bore me too if I were 7 months old.
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