My favorite time of day

A lot of people have been asking me how this pregnancy so far has compared to the last. That is a MASSIVE question & I could answer it in a million different ways. I've been doing a lot of praying about this baby and a lot of praying for Elias and a lot of writing about how it feels to be giving my son a sibling. However, the biggest difference is how I feel physically. With Elias, I was obviously so excited but I was sick as a dog. Mornings were bad - I was on the brink of throwing up constantly. Nights were worse - I had flu like symptoms from 5pm on... With this baby, I feel frighteningly good. Every few days I'll feel a little sick in the morning & I get queasy when I haven't eaten - but in general, God has really blessed me great health. So now - my mornings are completely different than a year ago.

In the a.m., we really could call Elias 'old faithful'. Every morning at around 7:10, we hear his first little mumblings and either Nick or I will run down and get him. We bring him into bed with us, and one of us will give him a bottle. The next hour is positively my favorite time of day. After he takes his bottle, all snuggled up between us, he'll either take a quick catnap, or jump right into the fun. He is just like his mama in the mornings, we both wake up on level ten. He'll lay in between Nick & I, making sure we're both there by keeping a hand on both of us. He snuggles and nuzzles and rubs all over us. If Nick makes the mistake of falling back asleep - I show Elias how to lift up the covers (Nick hides himself) and attack Dad with kisses, grabs, and pinches.

Every morning, I'm astounded at the love and personality of our first-born. He is seven months old and he shines with the radiance of God's creation - it's incredible. He is curious, sweet, loving, and excited. I cannot wait till there is four of us in the bed next year ... and just think, three of us will be able to tell each other with words how uch we cherish the morning.
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