My secret part-time job

People think I'm kidding about my addiction. It's not something to be taken lightly.

I call into my favorite radio station, 107.9 The Link, daily.

This week, so far, I've been on air three times. I've won 2 concert tickets that I'm selling (Nickelback anyone?) and I just won $100 tonight playing a trivia game.

So tonight... I started thinking.

I bet alot of people who don't even know Christ are better at being a Christian than I am. I really don't love Christian radio stations - they make me a little bitter because I don't understand why they refuse to play new Christian music - or a wider span of it. I know I'm very closely approaching the point where I can't let Elias listen to the radio with me... but then why am I listening to it? Please don't let this sound condemning to either side of the fence.... I'm just talking through this issue. It's kind of the story of my life - I love culture because God created it and I believe it can be redeemed for His glory. BUT, when do I have to remove myself from it because it just isn't helpful?

The other thing I had to consider tonight as I drove, waiting to be put on the air to play Trivial Pursuit: why do I think I have something to say all the time? I used to try & live by the phrase: Don't just say what you want to say, say what others need to hear. Sometimes our pet peeves are the things we struggle with the most and that is definitely true with me... I hate people talking just to talk and just to be heard, even if they sacrifice listening & caring about you to say it. I really do believe I'll struggle with this my entire life though. Lately I've been talking/thinking about being dramatic vs. being expressive. I'll always be expressive. A story-teller, a talker... but I never want to be someone who talks to hear themselves & who needs attention constantly.
Hmm... I'll be thinking on that.
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