A new profession?

I have several dream professions. I think I'd make an awesome hair stylist, I'd love to be a personal stylist & I always think I want to do wedding planning on the side. I can't wait till I'm a stay at home mom one day, knowing all the fun places to go and spending tons of time with my babes. I ALSO fantasize about being a baker - the only difference between that profession and my other imaginary jobs is.... I cannot bake or cook to save my life.

I really want to, I have grand intentions & more creativity than the kitchen can handle. However, my food is almost borderline lethal. Literally. A few weeks ago I made a delicious (in my mind) carrot cake that actually had little razor sharp bits of ceramic in it that almost sliced Donald's esophagus open. (don't ask) The very next day I tried to redeem myself with some cookies that were so inedible, Nick left them on the counter for a few days just for comic relief. He really used to be encouraging but now he just asks me to stay out of the kitchen.

Tonight I tried my hand at homemade baby food for Elias. VERY SIMPLE.
peas. blended. in. water. How can you mess that up?
Every bite was like torture for him, until I switched back to jarred peas that looked and tasted the exact same as the ones I made.

I'm not totally sure I can take their two faces looking at me so grossed out by what I put on their plates for the rest of my life. I need cooking lessons, pronto.

On a positive note - the talented JB cut my hairs today. Very nice, pictures to come.