Simples pleasures

Seriously - before marriage and pregnancies, I feel like my whole life was about pleasure. What do I want to eat, how long do I want to work out to be able to eat what I want to eat, where do I want to go shopping, where do I want to have a quiet time that will be the most relaxing... Even in pregnancy, I mean - we're not big drinkers at all but sometimes it can be a little easy to feel so limited - no alcohol, no carbs/sugar (diabetes), no caffeine, no Carowinds or rollercoasters, no fast rides on the tube at the lake this weekend (Gibson did try to pull K & I together at around 2.5 miles an hour until we sunk), and the list goes on...

Life is just not about that anymore, but God still makes life so so sweet. So here are my simple pleasures (not including my hot husband, perfectly made son, & wonderful friends/family) as of late:

- I'm finally getting my own computer at work today! I've been using my bosses for the last 4 months.
- On Monday, I got to go to Target all by myself for an hour and use my birthday giftcards. I found a pair of shoes I've been wanting for months - on sale for $6!
- Today I'm going to the mall with Staci before I pick up Elias to catch up on life...
- my $100 from the radio game came in last night!

Okay... I know God is good and living in His abundance should be enough, but these things have really helped this week & I'm thankful for them.