Fun Two Days

Thursday: work=boo
date night=awesome. PF Changs with the honey, spicy scallops & brown rice.
Staci & Ally babysitting=amazing.

Friday=amazing all around
work out with Regi="fun", challenging, and thigh slimming. baby Connolly worked hard.
Starbucks with Kal= lots of Jesus, an afternoon saying things like "the Word is so refreshing, I just want to open my Bible & rub it all over my face!"
nap with Elias=great. beautiful. i love my son.
Greek fest with Kal & Shawn= yum.yum.yum. also - thanks Shawn for going polygamist for the night.
Taking Elias in a massive crowd for the first time=yikes. yikes. don't steal my baby, please.
Missing Nick while he was in seminary= sad.