I like my husband again.

It took me a few days but I've realized he's pretty important and I basically think he's the greatest again.

Also - I added a new blog to my list, Anne Marie Wicker. Anne is the sister of my best friend from high school, Katie Wicker and she is very very very wise. She's a sophomore at Queens and the last time I checked - she knew a lot about pop culture, which is awe inspiring to me:). It's funny, both Anne & Katie's (Ruby dear) most recent blogs are pretty similar - they both made really truthful lists of positive aspects of themselves. It is thrilling to know such strong women who can say what God has made them to be and be proud of His hand.

So in their honor - but really in gratefulness to my creator - here's my list:

- I love that God made me discerning about people. I feel like I can read a person's heart and character really quickly. I'm glad that he left the door open for me to CHOOSE to look for the good and He asks me to CHOOSE to see them covered in the blood of Christ. But it's still nice to be able to know genuine from not-so-much.

- I love that He is teaching me & growing the desire in me to make others feel good. The other day, this woman came into the shop and she had just had twins. She looked really beautiful and I just decided to make over her and gush over how great she looked. Later, Julie & I were in the back and I was giggling to myself and she asked why. I just said "hahaha... I'm a good person." I wasn't really delighting in the fact that I'm so great and helpful, but I just realized I used to be so resentful of everyone because I thought the success of others (in any area) ultimately meant my failure. Now I know - a woman can be beautiful, wise, and an incredible mother... a married couple can be wealthy, Godly, respected, & stylish... my husband can be revered, peaceful, and content and NONE of those things should have an effect on me - outside of me praising God for those around me.

- Listen - this is for real. I LOVE that God gave me the ability to put together creative outfits. Ya'll should see what I'm wearing to church tomorrow - it's very cute. My new leopard print shoes, a white skirt that I'm wearing as a dress so it hits right at the calves & my favorite little nautical jacket from Urban Outfitters. Tres Tres Chic.

So I dare you - make your list. I think it's time we took our cues from Anne & Katie and stopped thinking about ourselves & the things we don't like. Let's turn our attention to the Creator & praise Him for His work.