If you don't have something good to say...

On Monday night I went to bed with every intention to wake up on Monday morning and write the most joy-filled blog. As I was drifting to sleep - I was telling Nick ... "Wow.. fall is amazing. You are amazing. Our family is amazing.... You're my favorite season, this time in life is my favorite season. I love our life. I love you..."

I'm not sure what happened in the course of 24 hours - it may have started with Elias yanking my hair so hard I cried to wake me up on Tuesday morning... it also could have been when I almost lost my temper dropping Elias off at daycare and had to pray the entire way to work. By the time I got to Starbucks and had to repeat my order to the very rickety woman who takes my (SAME) order every morning, I was close to losing it. Seriously - does she have to act surprised that someone would like to order coffee? And does it really sound like gibberish when I say GRANDE.ICED.COFFEE.WITH.SUGAR.FREE.VANILLA???

I was feeling pretty hormonal and murderous by that point so I kept my mouth shut until almost bed time. However... the rude parker in my downtown neighborhood hadn't been informed that I was in a helacious mood & he should watch out. Since we live close to downtown, parking is always a little hairy - but like every day, when I got home yesterday I spent 13 minutes parallel parking our SUV, carried my sleeping son, unborn child in utero, diaper bag, and two bags of groceries across the parking lot & up the steps to our building. I only got disgruntled when the following occurred:

At around ten p.m. when Kalle was leaving, the big obnoxious truck-guy (previously named rude parker) couldn't bear to walk 50 feet from the overflow parking and so he just double parked, right beside Kalle's car - as if she has nothing better to do but wait until the morning for him to leave. Nick called to get his car towed & Kalle went out on the street to wait and I just sat on our pseudo-balcony yelling like a mad-woman. He finally came out and moved his car - Nick waited and spoke with him patiently while I still continue to yell from the balcony.

When I got in bed last night I thought two things:
a) wow - that wasn't a fun day.
and b) I need to practice a little patience and grace. IMMEDIATELY. Pregnancy isn't a good enough excuse to stop being a Christian for 24 hours. So - sorry world, I'll try again today.
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