I'm so thankful it's the weekend.

Usually I'm just thankful not to have to work or dress up but this weekend... I have a whole new reason to be thankful for my little three day weekends.

Tonight, on our weekly datenight - Nick took me to see 'The Nanny Diaries' because I've been dying to see it for weeks. Sweet Angela babysat Elias for us and it was awesome to have a few minutes with one another. The reason I've been so expectant about this movie has a good deal to do with the fact that I nannied for six months while I was pregnant with Elias. Before I nannied, I worked as a manager at Anthropologie. While I loved my job there, and the future looked really really really bright - I felt like I'd be a better wife and a better asset to my Christian Community if I wasn't working hard. PLUS... I'm self reflective enough to admit that the job looked glamorous and easy and I knew I didn't have to wear heels. I'll never forget the day before I started my new job, being on the phone with Katie, and gloating as she said "You're about to get paid to watch Oprah!".

There are few decisions in my life I would call true mistakes - but taking that job was one of them. I gave up a really secure pseudo career, with a salary & good insurance - it made me feel good at something and talented. My nanny job turned out to be everything I hoped it wasn't.... Unfortunately, the only times I got to watch Oprah were when I left "sick" halfway through the day because I was positive a massive kick to my abdomen (by one the three children) was causing serious damage to Elias - in utero. Bad at having patience with other people's children and the worst cook/house keeper in America - a good nanny I did not make. I was far more interested in the Oscar de la Renta robes that my boss wore when she opened the door for me in the morning or the fact that the kids had eaten at more five star restaurants than I had and had more designer jeans than me.

Anyhoo - that nanny job taught me more about parenting than any book I've ever read. It made me realize that I do want to be the kind of mother that puts lotion on my son after a bath until he decides its too girly. I also came to understand that discipline is not optional & children are not disposable. Every single day counts & each word spoken is life or death.

Watching the nanny diaries reminded me that my greatest privilege in this life is Elias. My greatest opportunity and my first ministry is my son, and any subsequent children God allows us to have. So I'm thankful for this weekend - for three whole days to enjoy the smiles, tears, correction, training, & especially the love.
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