So lately - Elias has just begun to show his "fun" side. And by fun I mean - rude.

He's just starting to develop his attitude and spunk and for the most part, I love it. I love that he is funny and he fake coughs to get our attention. I love that he has a high pitched scream that would shame a 4th grade girl. When he holds Nick (it is never the other way around), and they immediately butt heads to show how much they love one another - my heart literally jumps.

HOWEVER... I'm already torn between discipline tactics & strategies. He's only eight months - but that little boy is feisty as anything!

So today I remembered a quote I'm going to keep in mind:

"When you begin to assume you will pray for your children, you will automatically take the action for granted. Never assume you will or assume you do it enough, just start again daily and fight for them on your knees". Voddie Baucham

I'll keep you all updated on how his development goes of course. But don't take praying for us for granted please. Love love.
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