my girls... my boy.

Tonight was our first real small group for 11th/12th grade girls. Can I just say, wow. Beauty, beauty, beauty. I'm only 5 years out of high school but things have already changed so much. These ladies are so amazing in the Lord - so real and so thirsty for him. It seems like they are genuine in a way that I did not know existed when I was their age. We're studying Daniel & tonight we discussed our personal descriptions of our Babylons - so intense and so sweet to be honest. ps - two of my ladies are in this pic, Taylor & Kelkel.

On a semi-related note - I'm addicted to my son. I spent the whole weekend with him and at times we both were pretty sick of one another but this morning when I took him to school for a few hours, he just couldn't let go - and I didn't want to either. Tonight, I missed him at small group & I'm already premeditating all the time I'm going to miss him this week. THANKFULLY, Nick will be at Greek class tomorrow night - so he's all mine from 3:00pm on. Nick and I are in the midst of planning our first weekend away... I can't wait to have some unadulterated time with my sweet husband, but I'm honestly already fighting the jealousy over who will get to have him for those two days. He is truly God's glory on display in the form of an 18 pound, two-toothed, wobbly, fair skinned, ball of delight.