Weird & Funny Little World

Please enjoy the following two snippets:

a) Elias threw up out of his nose today. Twice. I was drying my hair & he was sitting in his bumbo laughing (because of course he loves the hair dryer - it's his favorite toy). All of a sudden, he started grunting really horribly as if I he was passing a small child through his rectum. Since this is typical of his potty time, I kept drying my hair - only to hear a splash seconds later and see watery-milky throw up dripping from his nose. "Surely - my gentle warrior son did not just throw up out of his nostrils...", I thought. I looked at him closely and agh! HE DID IT AGAIN, right in front of my eyes. The doctor said it's fine, he just had his mouth closed (from the grunting) and so all the pressure came out somehow else.

b) Two nights ago we were having Spade Night with our BFF's - Kal & Shawn. While looking for something in our cabinets, Shawn came across what he assumed to be a "baby beer funnel". Why he thought we would have one, I'm not sure - but he was certainly dismayed to realize his new toy was really the attachment to my breast pump. Hilarious.