First of all - a big thank you to all of our friends and family. Y'all have been so encouraging and uplifting in your prayers and support! We've truly felt your prayers in the peace Christ has given us and we just can't believe how much you've all gotten your hearts wrapped up in Glory's well-being.

Second - after what felt like forever, our high-risk doctor called us this afternoon and let us know that initially our preliminary results looked good -they showed no sign of Trisomy 18. HOWEVER, they were contaminated because some of my blood leaked into the specimen and so the results weren't conclusive. The results could be totally correct but their have been cases where people received a negative Trisomy result only to find out their baby truly had Trisomy, the result was just contaminated with blood.

So... we're of course just pretty disappointed and frustrated and confused but we're going on with life. We leave tomorrow for our first vacation ever away from Elias, going all the way to Seattle. When we come back, life is going to keep rolling and trucking and hopefully in two weeks - we'll know what's up.
If any of you want any more info - please go to www.trisomy18.org. It is an amazing website with family stories, support for family & friends, and lots of pictures of these beautiful babies. If anything, the Lord has really given me a heart for these sweet babes. We really know in two weeks - we aren't receiving good or bad news - we would love a healthy Glory and we would know it's a huge privelage to have a fragile Glory to take care of as long as the Lord sees fit.

On that note - I'm going to leave you all with a picture of the sweetest puppy dog you've ever seen. We'll of course keep everyone updated and again - we can't thank you all enough for your prayers. The Lord has already done a lot of beautiful things through this situation but most importantly - I think I've snuck the name Glory into the official name spot. I was sure our sweet girl would be called Gloriana (Glory) Eloise Connolly and Nick couldn't really give me a thumbs-up. But thanks to you all calling her that and God's Glory being so amazingly displayed in her life - it's here to stay. Love you all!
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