Elias Powell - joy of our universe

Listen... Nick and I LOOOOOVVVVEEEE Elias. I mean, we really love him - He is our absolute joy. Our families love him, a lot. Our friends love him, a lot. It is really encouraging to me that not only does Elias love being around people, but in general - he is a blessing to the world when others get to spend time with him. Like Donald - who spent the day with E today. We're really thankful for friends who not only love Elias, but also really love to spoil him when we refuse to. (And Nonnies & Rubies who do the same!)

A few more updates:
Thanks so much for all of your encouraging words about Glory. I wish I could sit with each of you and tell you how awesome it's been to have your prayers & support. My prayer is that we continue to give Glory to God - our daughter and the worship He is due.

We get a little family time tomorrow! Elias is really excited to see his Nonny - my mom is coming in to town for a short little visit and we all can't wait! Nick and I are going to wait to go to church at night, so we're doing something as a family we've never done before - going out to breakfast! We can't wait. Family time is so precious to us and we're really excited for a few hours as a quartet (even if one of the family is still in utero).

I hope everyone is having a great start to fall! We cannot wait for it to get cold so we can bundle up Elias in his plethora of coats! For some reason - that kid has more coats than anything else:)