We're moving and it is for real. I would be starting to freak out but God is very much taking care of my crazy little heart. We have 15 more days in our house. Tomorrow I'm packing - not prematurely, right on time. I will be at Mosaic for three more Sundays. There is a house 2900 miles away that is waiting on our family. Yikes. This is the start of a very big adventure.

Thanksgiving was absolutely amazingly wonderful. We spent Wednesday night with Nick's dad, Thursday morning with Nick's Nana & Thursday evening through Sunday morning with my family in Charleston. It was really such a blessing. We ate, we cooked, we talked, we shopped, we played with the kids, we took pictures, we made lots of amazing memories.

I have to say - between all of our different family units, we are extremely blessed. We have amazing family and a lot to be thankful for. We took the greatest family portraits that Ill post up here ASAP.

I hope everyone had an amazing holiday!