Wrapping it all up

Just a quick Connolly family update...
As of today, Nick is in route to Puyallup. He and Donald are currently in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and head to Dallas tomorrow. On Saturday they'll be staying in El Paso, TX & on Sunday they'll be in San Clemente. Their last night on the road they'll be in scenic Redding, California & then they'll finally reach Puyallup next Tuesday - January 1st. On the 2nd, Elias and I fly out of Charlotte and reach Seattle around 9pm.

Until then, Elias and I are camped out at Nonny & Poppy's house in Charleston... and having an amazing time. It's been a MAJOR blessing. We've gotten to spend plenty of time with Katie, Josh, AnnaJaye, & Abigail... Elias has gotten tons of quality time with his beloved Nonny-dear AND we still have six more nights to go. Our last few days in Charlotte were so tumultuous and uber-planned... we were rushing from family to friends to family to friends and it's nice to have a little time to digest.

I know Nick is joining me in preparing his heart as he drives across the US, and I'm trying to take some time each day to think about what's going on inside my crazy head. While it may be a touch too analytical - it's really helpful for me to get ready for this transition. Two months ago, I was working part-time, missing my overworked husband & feeling like I wasn't experiencing motherhood the way I truly wanted to. Now I'm going into a season where my gifts are going to be used, my passions ignited, my husband present, and my son witnessing every minute. I couldn't be more excited and scared at once.

So I leave you with a picture of Elias... he didn't quite understand Christmas or gifts - which is good because this wasn't the best year for making memories or traditions. However, his pure joy in the last few days has been so precious... In general, he's been such a trouper over the last few weeks, even. We've been homeless now for two weeks - staying with friends and family who are so gracious to host us. This is his first night staying in a crib since December 9th and even though he really should be a mess - he's been a true delight. So - while I could be complaining about how much I hate transitions & how hard it is on me... I'll take a cue from Elias and go with the flow.
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