New Beginnings

Tonight's my last night on the East Coast.
By this time tomorrow, E and I will be halfway to Washington State.
My mom and I were talking tonight about whether or not we felt a fresh start by the calendar simply changing over to 2008. I've never thought about it really before but if any year is going to be a vast change - this is it.
Gaining a child.
Moving across country.
Going into full-time ministry.
Also gaining another niece or nephew.

I have a ton of new years resolutions this year... go back to pre-Elias body, work out a certain number of times per week, not get pregnant again this calendar year, become more servant-hearted, and most importantly - understand the Lord's heart a little better. I read about Him, talk about Him... but I know I don't understand who He is. I want to know Him so much better. One time I heard Christy Nockels, of Watermark, speaking at a conference and she said something that stuck with me ever since - A daughter who understands her Father is a better sister, friend, wife, & mother because she does.

It's simple but I think it will take much longer than the all the days of 2008 have to offer.
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