blogging from bed

Its bedtime and I just want to do a quick blackberry blog from bed. Some notes of importance:

* Faythe & Jimmy got officially married at the courthouse today and it was really sweet. There official ceremony is in April but today was just cute. Nick was the best man and our pregos were the bridesmaids.
* Speaking of my awesome hubby... hes done with his three day conference and hes being awesome of course. He just went out at nine oclock to get me ice cream. ahhhh....
* I am officially backing brooke on american idol.
* Kalle is on her first trip back east and im trying really hard not to be jealous. I know Ill see some family soon though when Glory comes... so Ill be okay.
* Speaking of our little girl... the other day I had a small freak out and decided Im not totally sold on the name Gloriana. Were still calling her that for now but be warned... if we see her and thats not who she is, dont be scared.
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