Day One of Psycho Week

Of the 43 items on my to-do list, I have crossed off 14.

I had four phone dates planned with girlfriends, I completed one call.

I had amazing time with Elias & yucky time with Elias. I loved them both.

For the first time in history, I think my sister called me like three times in a row & I failed to pick up... which made me feel miserable and sad because I really wanted to talk to her and then I only had 2 minutes to talk and I find peace in knowing she understands.

I only cried once. I only took one nap, and only for about four minutes after putting Elias to bed & before eating dinner.

We had about 24 hours notice that a DTS team was coming in to help us around the house and while they helped a ton, they unintentionally left a gigantic mess. I was sad, but they're coming back tomorrow to clean up their mess - so now I'm happy.

I got even more excited and I can't wait.

I'm taking the night off... dying my hair & playing tetris on the computer while my brain rots and Mickaela helps me finish washing all of Glory's clothes.
"Glory"Jessi2 Comments