The past few days have been an absolute blur and there is so much on my heart but I want to try and get some of it out before my heart forgets - which it won't. First of all, I'm in awe of God and His grace and His sweetness to give the world another jewel as sweet as Gloriana Eloise. I'm flabbergasted at the ability to go from being two single, selfish people to being married... eventually being a family of three and then in a matter of minutes - becoming a family unit of four and that feeling natural. I can't get over that we have a son and a daughter. This is made obvious by the fact that I continually am calling 'Glory' 'Elias' and her a "him". All of these things freak me out & are awesome all at once.

I also can't believe our support system... I don't know what to say to begin to explain that. My sister flew out here on a whim, my mom is coming tomorrow, our few friends here in the Puget Sound Area made plenty of time to visit with Glory & Elias. Even new friends that we already love so much. Faythe, Jimmy, & Lauren were amazing - running the house far more efficiently than we do on a normal basis and just picking up right where we left off with Elias. We felt and do feel - so loved.

Some thoughts on Glory though... I'm overcome with love. I can't believe how little she is. It's actually a joke. We were expecting something over 9 lbs. because of ultrasounds and out pops out this 7 and a half pound little lamb. I can't believe how much I missed Elias and how natural it seems to have two kids and to love them both so much. I can't even start to describe how crazy it is that my love for my husband has doubled with the size of our children. He was already the best dad I knew and now he's the best dad to two children that I know. His love for Glory & Elias is precious and inspiring to me.

Some facts about our little one: She is a ferocious eater - her feeding sessions are literally one hour long on average. But that is a massive answer to prayer - literally, so I'm not complaining. Of her seven pounds, they're almost all in her face & lips... her arms and legs are like skin & bones. I'm a little jealous of her figure. She responds to her Daddy's voice in a really sweet way. She's a great grower - she's eating, sleeping, pooping, & peeing great. Did I mention she's hilariously small?

PLEASE go look at Nick's blog to see the sweetest Daddy/daughter pictures ever. I'll post some more as soon as I get a sec. Right now I've got to go feed my little barracuda.