just a quickie

BOTH of my kids are asleep for I think... the next 45 minutes atleast. Agh. I'm pretty pumped. After they wake up, the whole family is going to reading time at the library & I'm so excited. I can't even START to say what a blessing it is to have my husband at home with us. He is getting out tonight for a man's night with the husbands of my small group - so, good for him.

I have a little mid-March resolution that I'm thinking about committing to. I'd like to TRY & take a picture of my little lovies each day for the next year. The other day Kendra & I were looking at Elias and Glory side by side and she said, "How does that (Glory) grow into that (Elias) in one year?". Good question... I'd like to document it... we'll see what happens.

I have about 42 more minutes of absolute nothing to hold, change, or feed so I'm going to go do some bible study stuff - I am loving our book/workbook and my women's group at Mars Hill. We're doing "How People Change" and I highly recommend it. Life-altering.

More later friends, hope everyone is doing well!
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