my bruiser.

Somewhere in the last week I feel like my little baby son almost became a man. It's kind of breaking my heart. I had thought a little about how he and Glory would interact, but hadn't honestly spent a ton of time praying or contemplating it. The first few days weren't rough - but didn't look promising... he ignored her most of the time and really ignored me anytime I had anything to do with her.

Then a few days ago, something in him just switched. Nick had been calling her "sis" around Elias and he just picked it up. Constantly pointing and looking for sis, hugging sis, and cuddling up to her. And in the past forty eight hours, he's taken an even more dramatic turn from being just a brother to a fearless protector. Elias LOVES his Nonny, but yesterday when she got in the car & blocked his vision of sis - he was not happy with her. This morning during worship, we moved her closer to him so he could cuddle with her and he awkwardly just snuggled up against her for a good three minutes. This afternoon when I was upstairs with her and he heard her crying on the monitor - Nick said that he was uncontrollably crying and worried about her. When I came down, the tears were still flowing and they only way I could calm him down was to let him sit beside me and look underneath my "hooter hider" while I nursed her... just to prove she was okay.

I've always referred to Elias as a "heart-defender" when people say he's going to be a heart-breaker and I can't believe he's already proving it. In one week - my little baby turned into a big brother and I just couldn't be more proud of him. Barely walking, still using a passy, with his little steak-like feet and permanently crusty face... he is already such a gentle warrior like his dad.
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