Wrapping it all up

So we're less than one week out from the arrival of our baby girl! This past week has been a whirlwind... Lauren our assistant arrived on Tuesday and we spent the better part of last week trying to get her acclimated before the madness begins! For the next few days, the Connolly family is going to be VERY focused on getting things ready for baby Glory & all the impending guests we hope to be having. Thankfully, we finally got one thing accomplished through Lauren yesterday that made me feel much more at peace! We got a USB cord to get the pictures off of our camera (since we lost ours) and now I was finally able to upload pictures of the last month to our website & I know there will be room on the camera for Glory's birth. Feel free to peruse the website for some different albums!

*** This particular picture is for my mom because we both have a stockpiling fetish! Having household items in bulk puts us at ease, so I thought she'd find this picture from our bathroom closet enjoyable:). ***