dissapointed... worried... excited.

My sister Katie, aka Ruby, is one of the greatest sources of joy and stress in my life. No woman knows me better & I am pretty sure there is no one who likes me as much. Its a ridiculous blessing because I am in awe of her and all God has made her to be & she somehow has this truly warped positive image of me. However, I have this intense worry problem with her.... I trust God to take care of her, but I feel this fervent desire to wrap her fragile body in bubble wrap and carry her thru life. God is constantly reeling me back in, reminding me that she is a mighty warrior who is competent to stand on her own & He is before her and behind her - taking better care than I could ever imagine.

So last night when I got the call that her water had broken ten weeks early, my heart went into sister-preservation mode. I started researching the internet and looking for flights back east so I could be by her side. I finally got a few minutes to talk to her this afternoon and I was in awe of her strength as a mommy... she is making every wise decision and trusting infinitely in the one who is able.

So please do pray for her & my tiny little nephew. Pray he will have patience in the womb and that she will have patience in the hospital on bedrest. But while youre praying, praise Him for her strength and their story to come because He is more than able to preserve them both and she is more than capable in Christ to flourish through this trial. Shes my sister-hero.
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