Shame on me.

I've been a bad blogger! The thing is... I actually have a lot I've been wanting to say & just no time! So here are a few quick updates.

- We're just realizing that Glory is lactose intolerant. Ughhhh. I am so glad this little girl is such a good eater, but I'm having a hard time staying away from the dairy. Thankfully - I love the taste of soy milk & God is hilariously good because we just got 2 jugs of CHOCOLATE soy milk donated today. We've never had that before:)
- Elias is doing sooooo good. We just signed him up for a toddler gym class at the Y, so I'm sure hilarious stories will come. Also, in an effort to teach him to say "mama" (he used to say it all the time, then just switched to daddy for everything) - we've confused him and he thinks "mama" means please. You can imagine...
- We've got a new girl at the house! Allison is her name and she seems awesome. I'm so excited to see what God is going to do in her life & ours through her time here.
- My favorite new websites are & I could stay on them all day! Last week I jumped back into sewing but I've been doing it all by hand... this week my goal is to break out the sewing machine and my end goal is to make new nursery bedding for the kids using some sweet new fabric.
- Today was my first day leaving the house by myself. Seriously? Is that a joke? Six weeks and I haven't been by myself for one minute... surprisingly, I also haven't minded. Working out has been the only hard part but I've been pushing Elias & Glory in our double stroller around the gym track while Nick works out on Mon, Wed, & Fri. but I haven't had time to do my killer-circuit-weight-routine from when Kal & I worked out with Regi. Today I finally pumped Glory full of milk, threw Elias in the crib for a nap, wished Nick luck and raced to the gym. It was awesome and she was still asleep when I got back:).

Lastly... here are a couple of big spiritual issues I'd like to blog about when I have time: the spirit of adoption. It's so interesting to me that even though New Beginnings girls typically parent, all of ours are placing for adoption right now. Is God doing something special in them, in us, in the ministry, in this city? I at least want to pay attention to what the spirit of adoption looks like for us in Christ.

being a "creative counterpart". My sweet new friend Marilee loaned me this awesome book about being a wife/mother and the whole thing is challenging me to rethink the monotony of being a housewife or just a mom. God is challenging me to consider what a joy & great honor it is to shape my husband and families lives...

lastly... craving the Lord. Having a six week old babe, a 14 month old, a husband, and a house full of preggos leaves me wanting more & more of Him. I have to say - it's the best craving ever.

.... it's atleast way more comfortable than craving Mac & Cheese like I have been for the past 48 hours. Stupid lactose intolerance:)