it's her party

Thinking about glory makes me laugh.

As of today she is a BEAUTIFUL, smily, giggly little baby who looks alot like her brother & mama. As of two days ago, she was a BEAUTIFUL, screaming, pissed off little girl who resembled her brother when we tell him it's time to put away his soccer ball & go night-night. Long story short - Nick and I were trying to tough it out and believe that she was just a little bit harder of a baby and we'd be okay. We'd laugh at how cranky she was and make jokes about how she's obviously got her mama's temperment, but all along - in the back of our minds we were worried there was something wrong with her.

After we took dairy out of her (and thus, my) diet, she seemed to be doing good for about 48 hours. Her skin cleared up, her poop looked good, and she was nice for two days. Then her screaming came back with a vengeance. She'd cry for three or four hours every night until she finally passed out... then it began to leak into the daytime - crying so much we knew she was missing feedings and not growing enough.

So on Monday we took her to see her pediatrician (whom we LOVE) and after testing her poopy diaper, concluded that not only is she allergic to dairy - she's also allergic to soy. Since I went off dairy I've been eating everything soy - soy milk, soy mac & cheese, soy burritos, & soy pizzas. I'm actually not kidding. On top of that, Glor has a nasty case of reflux, so she's going to need to be on zantac for a while.

Since Monday though... we've seen a normal baby. Nick even commented, "I remember this... babies who cry when they are hungry and tired, and that's it". For the past eight weeks we've been holding her constantly, trying to pacify her, switching her back and forth... on and off, trying to make her smile. Now, even in the middle of hungry crying - she'll look at her dad and smile so big when he sings to her... she'll stop mid-breastfeeding, look at me and grin. Right now, as I write, she's napping and I didn't even have to psychotically lull her to sleep - I just put her in the bassinet and she passed out.

We know a change like this deserves a big "thank you JESUS".
Expect more blogging from me, because my hands are now a little more free.
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