update on Abel/East Coast

So I'm pretty sure that everyone who reads my blog reads my sisters & moms as well - but just in case, here's an update on little Abel boy: After my last blog, his condition got much worse before it is now getting better! He's doing so well now that they're thinking they might not need to do the final series of steroid shots to mature his lungs. I think today they're even going to try & feed him some through his feeding tubes. The long story short is that the boy is a FIGHTER. They eventually had to sedate him because he was just working so hard to breathe & see his mama & dad that he was working too hard & couldn't keep up. Honestly - it was incredible to see him respond to Katie & Josh. When Katie sings to him, his vital numbers would drop down to normal - when she stopped and addressed someone else, they would literally double. Same with Josh. I've never seen a baby be so physically entranced by their parents.

From a personal note, it has been incredible to be back here with my mom, Nana, sisters, brother, neices, & now my nephew. Some of them hadn't met Glory and it has been such a blessing to introduce them to her. I'm really praying that Glory & Abe get to meet before we leave! That would be so, so amazing.

I know many of you have been enjoying Nick's hilarious blogs while we've been gone. Don't believe anything you read. While I know he misses us, I'm sure he's loving the bachelor life. I haven't been there to make him watch girly shows at night, he hasn't had to cook weird dairy free/soy free things for me & I know he enjoys sleeping through the night! Glor & I do really miss him and Elias, however, and can't wait to get back to them.

Here's a little preview of topics to come:
- Glory may be healed from reflux?! Agh... I'm trying to claim it.
- The book, Skinny Bi***, and how it may be changing my life - despite its awful language
- more fun stories & anecdotes from my trip back East

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