the bebe has left the building - well, the room.

Elias slept through the night at six weeks. Our sweet Glor has been a WHOLE other story. I really thought "Elias was easy-peezy, he went to one feeding after two nights, slept through the night quickly, and is now an over-sleeper. We'll do the same stuff with Glory and be fine". Riiiiggght.

I know it's controversial to some moms but I don't mind sharing my little baby-sleeping story. With Elias we followed the baby wise plan and for him, it was truly a great option. Starting at around a week old, when we were sure he was full & tired - we'd stick him in the bassinet and let him cry himself to sleep. He quickly learned to put himself to sleep and the whole process was quite painless.

With Glory's reflux, extreme vomiting, & horrible allergies - determining the difference between a sleepy cry & an intense pain cry was just impossible. Not to mention the fact that her reflux was so bad, she couldn't really lay down flat on her back or side - making it impossible for her to stay in her bassinet asleep without being in pain or throwing up for more than few hours. Thus began a really sad/sweet cycle of her being in and out of her bed, her own bassinet, and no one really getting any sleep.

She is almost fourteen weeks old, but I swear to you - as of last week, I was sure her two-week old preemie cousin, Abel, would sleep through the night before her. She just couldn't make it longer than two hours at a time napping - day or night. I really love that girl, but when you look back on the last thirteen weeks of your life and realize you haven't slept more than two hours at once... ah, I could shed some tired tears. Last week, however, it seemed Glory's newest medicine was really working & she even took a two-hour nap during the day (unheard of in our sleepless world). Nick and I felt like she was ready - she stopped eating at night a few weeks ago, truly she was just snacking and was used to being held. We saw hope on the horizon....

So last night at around 7:15, we decided to put her to sleep and let her cry it out. By 8:00 she was passed out and at 12:00 midnight, she was still asleep - FOUR HOURS. Seriously? She woke up around 12:05, nursed quickly & went straight back to sleep, no crying. At 3:07 she woke again, I know the exact time because I was awake just watching the clock - waiting for her to cry. I went to her bassinet, cuddled her a bit, kissed her a little, rewrapped her & gave her a passy - and put her back down. She cried until 3:37 and passed out again. She slept all the way until 5:30am! So basically - she got 8 hours of sleep after her little eating session & her quick little cry.

I have to say - I don't think one sleep theory works for all kids. I've read about twelve different books in the last few months, but if that's helpful for any moms - great! If not, pray that we make a whole stretch soon. We'll see how tonight goes!