great day.

I like that southern expression, "Great day!" I think I'm going to bring it to the northwest. But truly... it has been.

Ooooooh, this morning I was a pill. Nick, Jared, Lauren, & Maria were headed to Portland and I was so mad I had to stay with the kids that I threw an actual temper-tantrum. There were definitely some sarcastic words said over breakfast and I am publicly apologizing. I even shed a few tears on my way to Starbucks with Glory & Elias - and for that... I am also sorry. Eventually I put on my big girl panties & sucked it up, and we decided to make it a great day.

Elias, Glory, & I spent a good two hours shopping for Father's Day presents for a day who truly deserves them. I got to spend a few minutes talking to my sister, which always makes me thrilled... I'm just in awe of anyone who can take care of three children. Gracefully.

It's only 4:08 pm, but this mama has learned a few things today. My son is a scaredy-cat just like me. He freaked out when I put him on one of the mechanical toys at the mall & today when Mickaela walked in from school, the suprise noise of the door opening startled him to tears. He is however, smart as a whip and he's learning new words daily. So far we've got Daddy, Hi!, ball, book, kiss, please (sort of), Mommy (sort of), up (which also means down), sis, & now we've added.... HELP! A great one, I believe.

I also decided I'm going to start writing some, for serious. Even if I'm the only one who ever reads it. Today I was scanning the books at the store and I realized there is a MAJOR category missing. Where are the funny, witty, mom books for Christians? Who decided all books that have to do with someone loving Jesus must be serious & a little sad? I really wanted to read a book written by a fun Christian mom who doesn't take herself too seriously and wants to share some funny stories... so I'm going to start writing it myself. Anyone want to join me?