oh my gosh! oh my gosh!

Little Abel is doing SO good! Please look at a videa on Ruby's blog to see the MOST precious face you've ever seen. The truth is... the whole time we were in the NICU I wanted to sit back there with Katie and hold his sweet hand, but I have a big problem with pity & when people are sick who I love, I sort of flake. This being the case, I tried to act selfless and let everyone else see him while I stood gaurd in the waiting room with Glory, but now I'm having to restrian myself from cancelling my flight, driving back to Columbia and picking that little manchild up! I think God was just protecting everyone else by making me having an aversion to seeing him, so I didn't hog all the NICU time... because if I was there now, I don't think I could leave his side.

Here's a quick picture of reconnecting with some girls last night... Margaritas & fun times were had by all:) I'm getting on a plane in a few hours and while I'm sad to leave Nonny, Ruby, Abel, Josh, Gibson, Caroline, AnnaJaye, Ab, Selah, & my favorite woodman behind.... I'll be back soon!