diet update

Just for accountability & documentation sake.

I seemed to lose 8/9 pounds quickly on vacation but when I came back, my scale shows no weight loss. We knew our scale was wonky so I'm trying another one tomorrow. Either way, I'm not discouraged - I certainly feel a bit better.

I'm also making an appointment to get my thyroid checked next week. After doing a little online research - I realized I have a lot of the signs of a jacked thyroid & pregnancy can induce problems with it that totally screw up your metabolism. My biggest symptom: extreme hair loss. I can pull out strands each time I touch my hair & I lose chunks while I'm in the shower. For most people this would be worrisome, but my hair is so stinking thick - I'm happy to lose some.

Lauren & I have started going to spin class. While it is the most hellish hour one could imagine - the instructor hooked me. She did two things that ensure my success at any endeavor: She told us that she doubted we could make it through the first class on our first time. Ha. Tell me I can't do something. I won't stop until I actually die, which almost happened. Lauren too. At one point, a few minutes before the class was over - I moved towards getting off the bike and she yelled at me from the front of the room: "NO! NO! You've made it through the whole class! FOUR MORE MINUTES! STAY ON THAT BIKE!". And so I did. Second - she praised me openly in class and verbal encouragement is also an incredibly strong catalyst for me. I'll be returning tomorrow (I've convinced my dad to go with me) and thrice weekly from here on out.

I'm also trying to stick to normal, regular diet principles as well: no eating three hours before bedtime. Ugh - I hate that one. I am ALL about a spoon-full of peanut butter before bed. Also working on water consumption.... I suck at it & I'm trying really hard to get better. I know that is really important to weight loss & health in general.

When I was when in crazy weight loss mode in college, I relied on a big cheat day every two weeks. I used it to look forward to when I felt weak and also to jumpstart my metabolism to keep me from plateauing. My first two week mark will be this coming Sunday and I'm not sure if I'm going to take this first one or wait another week. Either way, I've been making a list of possible foods I would like to "cheat" with. There's no way I could fit them all into one day, but I'm going to publish the list here so you can eat them if you're not dieting. And maybe tell me about it.... or take a picture of you eating. And send it to me.
REAL pizza - like ordered from Papa Johns.
a hot brownie or some sort.
soy latte (with sugar-free vanilla, I'm not that crazy)
macaroni & cheese
some sort of large cookie goodness
one of those new peanut butter energy drinks from Starbucks

Okay, that is your diet update for today. My heart is in an okay place with it. The other day Lauren & I had a scary moment where the brakes went out in the Honda (don't worry mama - Miles already took it to the shop & had it fixed. AND I banned Lauren from driving it anyways) and our little lives flashed before our eyes. I have to say, that is the only time in my life where I truly realized how trivial my thoughts are. As we were driving I was thinking about spin class & how many times I'd have to go until my butt actually fits on the seat of the stationary bike, and post-brake failure, I thought... "ugh, I do NOT want my last thoughts, or the bulk of my thoughts to be about the size of my behind". But... I do want the hottest body possible so that the bulk of Nick's thoughts are about my aforementioned body part:) Sorry, I couldn't resist.
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