new thought....?

This may sound obtuse or just plain stupidly simple.

Being a stay-at-home mom is a JOB. I'm not complaining when I say this... just stating a fact. If you have it in your head that you're going to spend the day at home doing what you want to, you're miserably wrong. If you wake up, get dressed, and pretend that you're going to have a beautiful & relaxing day at home, in about ten minutes you'll be bitter and pissed off. If you wake up at five am to have a few minutes alone & be able to shower, then start your "job" at seven am and know you probably won't stop working until nine pm (IF your kids sleep through the night) and then acknowledge that after they're asleep you'll be busy doing laundry cleaning emails vacuuming cleaning laundry & working out - then you'll be set.

Now, I have it good. I'm a stay-at-home mama who lives with a stay-at-home daddy. We're still trying to make me more the primary caregiver during the day so Nick can study or do whatever God calls him to here, but we are easing into that. Still, at seven o'clock tonight, Elias was asleep & Glory was napping... all I wanted to do was sit and browse the internet. But bottles were dirty, fridge was cluttered, counter was trashed, socks & shoes scattered everywhere and I knew if I sat down... getting up was going to be a hundred times harder.

I think it's all in the perspective though... if you know what you're getting into, you'll be a lot better off. I'm not saying working moms have it any easier - it's all just different, no comparison. I've done both and I think that what I'm doing now is right for me, right for our family... but it's so different.

The funny thing is, I still crazy love my job. I still can't wait to do it tomorrow. I can't wait to do it for the next kids in our life, for the next however many years. However, when days get rough - my mantra easily turns into "elementary school comes in a few years... elementary school comes in a few years. just wait for elementary school."

On a funny note, please look at Nick's blog about Elias' junked up face. First the virus, then the lip, now the black eye. It's bound to look WAY worse tomorrow. I'm so thankful Lauren lives with us and was present for both accidents so she can testify on our behalf that we were not being negligent parents, nor did we beat our child. He's just a bit clumsy & still learning his feet.