to make us all smile

It's been a discouraging day for our family. Glory is still having some trouble and we'd really appreciate your prayers for her & for us during this time. In lieu of a long description & a whiny blog - I'm going to let you in on the beauty & fun that takes place at our house these days. Just a few to make you giggle:
- At night before bed, when we go to sit and cuddle - elias knows where we keep his big bible & he says "book book!" to make sure we read it.
- Glory has just started laughing regularly and her laugh is identical to Elias'. You can't tell them apart.
- Elias likes to take all his clothes off in the morning before we come to get him. When we get to his room, he runs from one side of the crib to the other so we can't catch him and put them back on.
- Elias didn't hold his own bottle till he was almost 11 months - glor already is taking charge and holding hers.
- Nick is really miserable in this heat, which isn't funny... but sometimes it is. His humor is really dry and he is constantly talking about it. i.e. "I just gave Elias two baths - one in the water, one in my sweat!" (one of his lines from tonight) Just to prove my point, as I was typing that sentence he murmured " is blazing hot."
- Glory thinks her own reflection is beautiful. When we put her in front of a mirror - she smiles for like thirty minutes.
- Whenever a camera is present in the room, Elias won't stop say "chz, chz" and smiling at it.
- Sometimes in the morning Elias and I have dance parties. His favorite move is when I stand in front of him and he hits my butt repeatedly. Seriously, I'm dying laughing thinking about it.
- Glory loves it when we sing to her - the song that ALWAYS gets her quiet: "You're so vain" by Carly Simon. Not kidding.
- This morning we went through the drivethru at Starbucks and I was literally singing "coffee coffee coffee I love you coffee coffee coffee" and Nick said, "so, how is that giving up coffee for spiritual reasons going?". I didn't care, I gulped it.
- Elias has a love hate relationship with everything: puppies, the park, his shoes - but mostly, the "bah" (bath). If we even say the word bath around him, he can't stop saying it for literally hours. If we even say, "where are we going?", he will lean in your ear and whisper "baaaaah". He'll grab one of our hands and head towards the stairs, even walk up to the tub and yell "bah! bah! bah!". However, the second we get him in there: he cries like we just cut one of his feet off. Love it.

Hope that made you smile, I'm laughing now.
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