tomorrow's day

4am When Glory likes to wake up.
7:00 Glory will probably be asleep, I will probably need to pee
8:00 Elias is up
8:00 - 9:00am shower, finish pack, breakfast, coffee coffee, short walk
10:00 coffee with Jamie & Paige
11:00 visiting Circa while Nick visits family
11:30-1:00 free 1.5 hour in Charlotte with two kids
1:00 lunch with Laura & Donald
2:00-4:00 free time
4:00 head to aiport. return car. take our caravan through security. thank God that the worst is over. seriously. one ginormous stroller and 8 shoes to take off.
6:00 eat at airport chili's - isn't that the best part of flying?
7:30 board plane with two kids.
9:00 45 minute layover - race across atlanta airport
9:45 board plane #2 with two kids.
midnight (3am EST) get off plane, hug lauren, calm freakishly disturbed sleepless kids
1 a.m. (4am EST) lay in bed and be thankful to be home all while missing vacation.

In case I don't blog for a few days while we catch up from tomorrow, this is what I imagine will take place. Maybe I can fit some funny stories in there for your amusement along the way.
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