what I've learned

... you certainly learn a lot on vacation.

- I have an amazing extended family. In one vacation week a year, we all want to spend time with one another. Even though my sister & brother-in-law are extremely different from us, we love each other so much - we can spend one week in a condo with two babies and little sleep and still be obsessed with one another. Despite my mom & Gibson being in charge of watching the three older kids, they were in high spirits & full of energy - always wanting to help more & more & more.
- I have a lot of high hopes for life, but in general - the Lord has already made many of my dreams come true. I have a husband who loves me VERY much & two of the greatest kids in America. I feel really at peace with my family & I feel like I'm really excited to learn more about Jesus each day. Joy is ahead, trials are ahead... I know I'm not ready, but I know He is.
- Tattoos don't hurt that bad. And also, they're fun to get. And also, two hours after you get them, you will panic and be scared you shouldn't have done that. Breathe, breathe and don't freak out. In twenty years, they will have developed an easy way to get them removed. If not, it's okay?
- My daughter pukes alot. Forget bibs, forget burp rags. I need an extra onesy and two blankets to make it through the day.
- My dad will literally give me the shirt off of his back. This week I was admiring his white t-shirt because it looked like the perfect shirt, he took it off & gave it to me then left me his other identical one. The next day he called and said he was at the Jockey Outlet, buying me even more.
- I need to write more. I think in writing all day long.
- I miss "home". Friends, Mars Hill, Lauren & Beulah, the Northwest in general. But I'm going to enjoy these last few days.

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