day in the life for mom

For our sweet Nonny - pictures of what we are doing today, just an ordinary Saturday.

(11:40am Glory just up from morning nap)

(11:45am Glory crawling practice)

(12:05pm Glory has crawled backwards & is stuck under bed)

(12:10pm Getting Elias up from 'rest' time where he reads in his crib)

(12:15pm Start of lunch time - fairly clean)

(12:18pm Glory in awe of Elias)

(12:23pm Elias feeding himself for the first time)

(12:45pm Glory after a fight with her yogurt)

(1:28pm Elias stair practice)

(2:05pm Glory naptime begins)

Okay so it isn't ALL day, but it's a start.
Love you Nonny!
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