I'm an actual wuss.

I just wrote an incredibly serious/light-hearted blog. I know, I know...that's a juxtaposition. But I prefaced the blog with "I don't normally write preachy-opiniony blogs but I am going to now". It was up for a total of 4 minutes and I had to take it off. I felt bad. Part of it I will definitely repost because it was about something Jesus changed in my heart tonight concerning beauty. Wait - I'll just tell you now.

I've been quite worried about my weight/dieting for a while now. Tonight I just prayed about it for a long time. Not that God would miraculously make me skinny or rev up my metabolism, but that He would create in me a clean heart & I could be an encouraging voice to the women in my life. I'm a mom to a sweet girl, a housemom to pregnant girls, and a friend to women.... I want them to be encouraged by the way I love Christ in me and in them. I do not want to spur them to further vanity or negative introspection.

The other half of the blog was about a current theory that I'm working on concerning Hollywood, scientologists, & celebrities. If you REALLY want to hear it - email me & I'll tell you. I actually don't want to offend anyone or sound trivial about celebrities lives.

hahaha... taking my crazy mind to bed now.
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