no fear in death

Ya'll can be praying for my sweet aunt Enid.

First, I should correct myself by saying - she isn't my aunt. She is my great, great Aunt. And until I was around 20, I thought she was married to my "uncle E.B.", who is actually my great uncle - her nephew. There's nothing weird going on there, he just always took care of her and we didn't talk about Enid without saying E.B, so of course my ignorant little mind assumed they were married.

Anyhow - she's in the hospital and is probably dying, which is what I surmised from my mom's email. I have to tell you - it is sad because death in the human realm is always a little sad, but in a lot of ways - it's pretty sweet. She's a vivacious little cougar who has done such a good job lying about her age, no one really knows how old she is. At her surprise 90th birthday party (who throws a surprise party for a 90 year old? us. ), we found out from one of her contemporaries that she had begun fibbing about her age around 60 years earlier and she was not in fact turning the big 9-0, but was really 94. Seriously - that's awesome.

So pray she goes peacefully and pray that her last moments here are filled with excitement of what is to come.

Lately, I've felt so ready for heaven. I want to be here for my babes, but ooooohhhh.... I want to be with Jesus too. I always think I don't want to live to 94, or 95, or 98 (however old sweet Enid is) - but I'll tell you the truth, after datenights like tonight - I would do it. Just to be with him. Tonight Nick let me read him some writing, unload a few burdens, and share some unexpected laughs. We talked about the major differences between us and how beautiful they are and how we pray they'll benefit our kids. And oh, did we talk about our kids.... about dating and how involved we want to be, about how transparent we want to be with them, about what they will grow into. About how much they mean to us.

We talked about our favorite words: Mine was contemporaries (see above), he doesn't have one just hates the word "colleagues" and all that it stands for. We talked about the past and tried not to focus on the future. We talked about goals and growth and changes we need to make. We talked about learning to love each other better and how that is really both of our biggest goals right now.

So - pray for Enid, pray for E.B. who didn't love her like a husband - but was still just an amazing companion. Pray that she'd have no fear in death. Then maybe thank Jesus for the people who make you glad to be on earth.