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- Elias is growing in leaps and bounds. Not so much physically but mentally. Here are his words of late:
tsshhhh YOU: thank you (my favorite by far!)
na: milk
more: more (taught by none other than ms. marilee)
ptsshnce: patience
twak: truck or car or plane or boat
wok: rocking chair or to rock
poopoo: you guessed it
diba: diaper

He has started to imitate me when I discipline him. So if I speak in even a slightly louder tone than normal - he screams and points his finger at me. Just all the more reminder that I need to speak in a normal voice when correcting him. And stop pointing my darn finger.

We could tell he was ready to cut out his morning nap, but it was so quality and by the afternoon he was quite crazy if we went cold turkey. So we started putting him in his crib with the lights on and door cracked with a stack of books. He still sort of reclines and get his passy, but he actually will look at books for like an hour and a half! I came in today to get him and he was just very calmly "reading". By the afternoon he's ready for a quality nap, but not a wild & tired banshee.

What in the world do you feed 18 month olds? I'm at a loss. We've had two stand-offs trying to get him to eat veggies & both nights he went to bed with no dinner. Ugh, it was painful. I'll tell you from the get-go, I don't like tricking him into eating things because I think it defeats the point of obedience and learning to love healthy food. We did, however, resort to putting sweat potato chunks in his mac & cheese and that little stinker picked them all out. His favorites are cheese sandwiches, mac & cheese, string cheese, sliced cheese, waffles, yogurt, and pb&j with granola. He is NOT allergic to dairy.

Thank God for wellies. Elias got two pair for birthday/christmas & he's never been able to quite walk in them. This weekend while cleaning we found them in his closet and he is OBSESSED. Before I get him out of his crib in the morning, he starts saying "shoe! shoe!" and as soon as he gets out, finds them and puts them on himself. They make his day.

I'm at a crossroads where it is really time to put Glory in the nursery with him and it's almost time to put him in a big boy bed. Currently Glor sleeps in a pack and play in our guestbedroom/office but she is growing tired of her unglamorous settings. Any advice to helping these two crazies sleep together? I'm a little afraid they're going to talk all night. PLUS Glory still wakes up about an hour earlier than Elias.

Okay - that's all I've got for now.
love love.
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