sweet day

Today Elias, Glory, Marilee, Silas and I embarked on our first attempt to do a beach day with three babes, two hot moms, some weight-watcher approved goodies, & plenty of diapers. Silas was sweet - AS ALWAYS. Elias was into just about everything there was, but it was so cute to watch him marvel at the great big "baaaaaah" (bath). I know some East Coasters are confused about the term beach, but seriously - there are TONS of beaches out here. They're little - they don't span for miles like ours but there are a bunch on Lake Washington, and ones all over the sound. Anyhow - the best part of the day was seeing Glor & Si continue in their little love adventure. I swear - it's not just our hopeful wishing, the following pictures are NOT staged.

As if that wasn't enough of a day to tucker us out - we came home and had a little barbeque with Debi & Miles, the directors of our ministry - who conveniently live next door. (Also - it is silly to say 'came home' as if it was an easy ordeal. Traffic was UNBEARABLE and it took Elias, Glory, and I and hour and a half and a whole lot of patience to get home).

Some word pictures for you from our ride:
- Once I turned around to catch Elias looking intently at me with passy ("sass") in his mouth. Totally normal - except he had my ear piece for my cell phone stuck perfectly in his ear as if he was on an important call.
- When traffic was especially bad during one stand still, John Mayer's version of Tom Petty's "free-falling" came on the van radio and Elias and I danced with our hands in the air, both singing terribly off key.
- As we approached our street and that big ole mountain came into view, I began to shake my fists in victory and I caught Elias doing the same thing! I'm sure sis was too, but I could only see those petite little legs shaking midair.

After dinner, the sky actually looked on fire so I went and took some amazing pics of our backyard/front of the house. I did some work on the exposures but most of the color is UNEDITED so this is truly what a beautiful night we saw. I hate living in the country but I don't hate the view on nights like tonight.

More pics on Picasa, enjoy your Friday! I'm getting morning off to go to spin class and then sit & write with some coffee at Starbucks. Thank you Jesus & my husband!
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