back to school time.

Sorry, friends! Long time, no blog.

Truth be told - I wrote a blog about my observations on politics last night but it inspired some hateful comments about presidential candidates & I don't really want my blog to be a forum for that. So down it came. Just a note for those commenters to know, I respect your opinion and would love to read about it on YOUR blog - that's just not what I want this to be for.

Anyhow, we've been gearing up for back to school, not for the kiddos - but Nick. He starts seminary back this fall & he is going full steam ahead, trying to finish up all the classes he needs to take at Western by next Christmas. For most moms - I'm assuming this would be the equivalent to losing your husband after he's been home for a long vacation. I have to say, I crazy love his company and really value his help, but I know it's going to be a blessing for him to feel free to study as much as he needs to, start the training/growth process he is going to need for our next step, and serve at our church. But we miss him already and when 5:30ish rolls around, Elias and I both stand at the bottom of the stairs and yell up to his office "DAAAADDDDDDY!"

The kids and I are finally getting into a little routine, being the psycho planner that I am - we've picked and planned our days to do the park, the library, the mall... which days I'll work out during their naptime, which days I'll do their laundry, and mine. For a follow-up to the bed situation - I took Kelly's advice and decided to be consistent and not do the joint-nursery project for now. Glory just isn't quite there with her sleep, she will sleep until 8am for a week, then take a bottle at 1am for a week, and now we're doing a 4:30/5am wakeup.

On non-kids news, Seattle has a new H&M that I've only gotten to go to once and both babes were nutty - but I cannot wait to go back. My sweet mama gave me some mad money for my birthday and I can't wait to spend some of it there before my trip back East for Mere's wedding! I have to say, their kids clothes are also really precious, but just a bit more than I can spend right now. Also tonight should prove to be crazy fun because I got invited to an 80's rollerskating birthday party for our pastor's wife! So I'll be throwing on an oversized, off the shoulder sweatshirt, tights & leg-warmers, meeting up with Marilee & Kalle, and skating the night away! Pictures to come for sure! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANGIE!

Sorry for the information-only blog, Nick is getting a new laptop this week which means I'm getting a refurbished laptop, which means MORE FUN POSTS TO COME Lauren has been more than sweet to let us borrow her incredible Macbook Air but it's time that we had our own! But keep reading until then because this fun little blog is about to reach 30,000 hits! Which feels crazy and exciting all at once!

love. love.
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